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When exams loom, stress becomes a familiar companion not only for the parents but also for the children.  Pass exams stress with certified crystal healer Saurabh Masurkar’s strategies for changing life!

Saurabh Masurkar is Certified Life Coach, Crystal Healer and Co-founder of Cold Lava Studio. In this blog he shares tips on making exams more easy going, productive as well as less stressful and eventually rewarding for kids.

Every year over again parents tend to restrict extracurricular activities, screen time, play or games while exams are on the belief that it helps their children concentrate more only on studying. But how true is this?

Many parents I know complain about their children not being able to focus or remember what they learn. Here are few things you should think about:

Creating Regularity and Discipline

Consistency is the key catalyst in studying. Humans have patterns imprinted into their brains since birth, so it is important to apply this when teaching kids how to study. A child’s regular daily routine should not be disturbed suddenly during exams as this may cause anxiety and less productivity. Instead of doing this, it would be advisable to introduce discipline into their lives earlier enough before they sit for these tests where following timetables and doing specific things become a norm rather than something forced at the last minute.

Recognizing Achievement

The brain releases dopamine whenever we achieve something which motivates us towards getting more success. When there is no motivation around a learner but rather criticism alone, such student may opt for activities such as watching television or playing games that will give them instant gratification through dopamine release. Therefore, in order to foster an environment that encourages effort on the part of a child towards his or her studies; one should establish with kids what they need do each day reward achievement positively.

Making Step-by-Step Changes

All too often people make sudden changes or completely eradicate certain privileges during exams season; however this may only breed rebellion plus heighten stress levels among candidates involved. Any modifications made on a students’ timetable must be slow until they get used to it hence avoiding any suddenness which could lead into resistance from learners themselves. Moreover while changing routines consider balancing them out by giving rewards alongside commendations for reading because taking an approach like this helps minimize anxiety besides creating favorable attitude towards academic work

Prioritize your child's mental health

It’s important to prioritize your child’s mental health, especially during exams. Making sure they get enough sleep, rest, and playtime is crucial for their well-being. If they miss out on playtime or socializing, it can make them feel lonely and down. It’s all about finding a balance between studying and having fun so that your child stays emotionally and mentally strong during exams.

Ultimately, by following these suggestions, parents can assist their kids in handling exam stress better and encourage a positive and effective approach to studying. Let’s aim to create an environment that supports growth, resilience, and well-being, not just during exams but also beyond.

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