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Abundance, Health and Wellness bracelet

Abundance, Health and Wellness bracelet

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    • Brings Abundance and Prosperity

    • Attracts Opportunities of Work 

    • Attracts Money and provides grounding 

    • Boosts immune system

    • Enhances the filtration system of the body

    • Helps in healing and recovery from diseases

    • Enhances bodies filtration system


    Citrine is a stone of abundance and boosts vitality. It is a stone known to bring vibrant energies in one's life. 


    Green aventurine is called as the stone of opportunities. It is associated with the heart chakra and helps in attracting events and guidances that one can use to build a foundation of abundance. 


    Pyrite, is a stone that attracts money, helps one to curb unnecessary expenses and inspires saving. 


    Tiger stone, provides courage, confidence, grounding and protection. It makes the wearer more strong when it comes to decision making. 


    Tourmilated Quartz, helps to remove any kind of negative energies dissolve any kind of blockages and barriers and brings inclarity and decision making capacity

    Tree Agate and Moss Agate, help to enhance the regenerating powers of the body and help the body to recover from any kind of injury harm or any negative impact of past diseases or infections.

    Blood Stone or Heilotrope enhances the vitality of the body and helps the body gain its original strength. It is also associated with inviting a bendings of health and wealth in ones life. 





Care Instructions

Material Used

The Stones in these pendants are natural Crystals. 

The metal used in the Pendent is Copper.

The chains are made of Brass and are coated with Rhodium. 


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