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Abundance + Love Potion

Abundance + Love Potion

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Abundance Bracelet


Gains Opportunities 
Attracts Money And Abundance
Helps to save and store money
Protects from any negative Energies 
Provides courage in decision-making
Boost behavioral confidence
Removes any kind of obstacles

Citrine is a stone of abundance and boosts vitality. It is a stone known to bring vibrant energies into one's life. 

Green Aventurine is called the stone of opportunities. It is associated with the heart chakra and helps in attracting events and guidance that one can use to build a foundation of abundance. 

Pyrite is a stone that attracts money, helps one to curb unnecessary expenses, and inspires saving. 

Tiger stone, provides courage, confidence, grounding, and protection. It makes the wearer more strong when it comes to decision-making. 

Tourmalated Quartz helps to remove any kind of negative energies dissolve any blockages and barriers, and brings clarity and decision making capacity.

Love potion 

Promotes Self love

Heals past experiences

Attracts harmony 

Builds Compassion

Helps to attract the energy of love 

Crystals Used: 

Rose quartz: Promotes self love and acceptance; and helps builds self trust

Rhodochrosite: Called as stone of universal love, helps resolve emotional blockages. 

Rhodonite: Invokes compassion, balances emotions.

Lava Stones: 

A strong Grounding and protecting stone

Please Note :

When it comes to the love potion combination of crystals, it is something that brings in an energy of support, harmony togetherness, and compatibility.

It completely depends on your communication with your partner, your personal intentions and the intentions of the opposite person that determines the course of a relationship on the long term. 
Love potion combination does not impact or does not guarantee the decisions of the opposite person.

Care Instructions

  • This band is made from natural Stones, hence DO NOT expose them to harsh chemicals, extreme heat or bleach. Use mild soap and water to clean the crystals.
  •  The metal components are made of Copper and are Electroplated. The colour may fade away with regular exposure to water.

Material Used

Pendants :-   

  • The Stones in these pendants are natural Crystals.
  • The metal used in the Pendent is Copper.
  • The chains are made of Brass and are coated with Rhodium.

Bracelets :-

  • These bracelets are made from Natural Crystal stones.
  • The Metal bits ( if present ) are made from Copper and are coated with Rhodium which is Non Allergan.
  • The Elastic used inside is a stretchable Silicon thread.

Trees :-   

  • The Beads/Chips used in this tree are natural Crystal stones.
  • The wire used to wind the chips is Iron.
  • The base of this Tree is a natural Raintree bark.
  • The center portion is made from Epoxy Resin.

Other Products :- 

  • All other products are either Stones/Fossils/ Minerals


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Packaging Details

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Tracking Information

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Return policy


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