Tumble stone care

These are raw natural stones which may be  superficially polished. The scratches, dents the veins and the fractures which appear on the surface or within the stone are natural inclusions of the same and will occur in any natural specimen. 

Crystals are complex formations of various minerals hence they are fairly soft and delicate. Make sure took place them on a soft surface where they will not get scratched against other stones or on any other material. 

Do not attempt to wash these stones with any chemical based bleach, acids or heavy soaps. If you see residue of any oil or dust you may simply wash it with plain water and mild soap. 

Do not expose these crystals to excessive heat or place them around any sort of fire such as candles stove top etc. 

Please Note: 

If you are using this tumbles around children or pet ls, make sure you wrap them securely in a bag or cloth, in a manner that one won't be able to swallow. Crystals being minerals can be toxic if consumed.